Spring Cleaning and Curtains

While my husband has been gone the past month, I resolved that the time I was here in FL without him would be my time to get some things done around the house. Things were going really good until my daughter got strep throat, again. But, I feel very accomplished none the less. I finished up these curtains the other day. I’m doing really good at being thrifty in our decorating. I would rather use money on things like fabric! We had these curtains
and I sewed the top down and sewed on some ribbon
In progress...

and they became tie up curtains.
Final outcome

I like how they look, despite being not quite long enough to cover the rod.
I wanted to do as little to them as possible in case down the road, in a new house, I would want and/or need them back to how they originally were. I also discovered it is hard to take pictures in our living room. We need more windows.

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