Spring Cleaning in the Craft Room

It’s now officially spring here! It’s a good time to do some extra cleaning and organizing in your craft room/area. I recently finished up a project that required me sewing glitter covered tulle, and boy oh boy, did my machine need a good cleaning after that! It reminded me of how important it is to keep my machines clean and made me think of some other things I could do to “clean” in my craft room. Here are some things I have found useful or want to try out:
Have you been cleaning up your craft stuff?

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  1. says

    In transition mode right now and living with my sis so I’m without a craft room and without most of my craft supplies. It’s killing me!! I’m jealous that you get to work on yours. My scissors are in serious need of sharpening…

  2. says

    Thanks for the links – I have been wondering if it were possible to sharpen rotary cutters. We are just getting into the swing of Autumn here, but I still have the cleaning bug – only 12 weeks till bubby arrives – and there is still a lot to be done in the nursery. Happy Spring cleaning girl! :)

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