A Springy Tote for Cozy Sews vs. Cozy Knits

Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood started up a fun little thing a while back called Cozy Sews vs. Cozy Knits. She always has great guests sharing tutorials for sewing and knitting, awesome giveaways, and fun roundups.

It’s my turn today and I’m on team Cozy Sews with a tutorial for this Springy Tote. Head on over to check it out if you like and see what team you might be on :)

A Springy Tote Tutorial
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    That’s a very happy looking tote! :)I might even give the whole “knits” scene a go… (knees shake… ) lol Any tips for sewing with knits?

  2. says

    “Any tips for sewing with knits?”

    Always remember to use a ball point needle (needles for woven fabrics just don’t cut it). I also recommend starting with thicker knits, like t-shirt fabric, men’s polo shirt fabric, etc. They don’t curl as bad and I feel they are easier to sew. And of course, practice, practice, practice. :)

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