The Straight A Skirt Pattern Release & Giveaway (Closed)

And yet another thing crossed off of my list! The pattern testing is all done and now I get to release this pattern! The Straight A Skirt Pattern is another pattern that came into being because I wanted to make these for my little girl. I figured others would too, so why not just do a pattern? Plus, I have all these other sizes ready for when my little one grows.

The Straight A Skirt pattern is for a fun and comfy skirt that is made completely out of fabric. No elastic needed. The pattern shares how to re-purpose t-shirts, other knit material shirts, and regular yardage to create a skirt.

The main pattern is a basic one, like the first picture, with the first instructions on how to construct it like that. Then there are instructions on how to create one with all different pieces.

The skirt was created to give enough room for those little girls to be able to run around and have fun! It also was designed to come to the knee on most, for modesty and general comfort.

(Seeing all the girls makes me miss my friends in Jacksonville. Hi everyone :) We Miss You!)

The pattern testers blew me away with their super cute skirts they created. Here are a few from them:

From Alida at I Make Stuff:

Courtesy of Alida

From Nicole at Cole’s Corner and Creations:

Straight A Skirt via Nicole

From Trisha:

From Kelly-Jo at Happy Homemaker and Momma:

Straight A Skirt via Kelly-Jo

From Beth at From the Hive:

From Corey at Living and Loving Every Moment of It:


Now that you have seen a ton of cuteness, read up on the specifics below.

The Straight A Skirt Pattern:

-Is available in the shop in PDF format and emailed within 48 hours of being purchased.

-Written for use of a regular sewing machine.

-Contains ready to print pattern pieces (no resizing necessary) for sizes 12 months to 12.

Size Waist
12-18 Months 18
18-24 Months 19
2 20
3 21
4 23
5 24
6 25
7 26
8 27
9 28
10 29
12 30

-Comes with 11 pages of instructions on how to sew together with lots of pictures to help.

- The first instructions given are for a basic skirt. Then instructions are given on how to create a multi-panel skirt, how to make ruffles, and resizing the skirt.

-Also comes with a Sewing Reference Guide for the sewing terms used in Happy Together Patterns.

The Straight A Skirt © Copyright 2010 Jessica Fediw.
All rights reserved. Reproduction of Pattern and Instructions
Not Allowed. No Sharing.
Products may be made to sell, but not mass-produced.
Giveaway is now CLOSED.

The End

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  1. says

    Absolutely adorable! And all made of fabric? No elastics, buttons, zippers, blah blah blah… Very nice! Would love to try and make some for my nieces!

  2. says

    What an adorable skirt. I am IN LOVE with the version that Alida created. That’s super cute. LOVE IT!

    I’m crossing my fingers on this giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this pattern.

  3. says

    This is a fantastic pattern – sweet and practical for busy girls! My daughter wears a lot of skirts and dresses because it’s been so much easier with potty training. This would be a fantastic style to add to her collection!

  4. dazeysunique says

    Love the skirts!!! I think it would be a great project for a beginner at sewing. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement to all of us. Love the blog!!

  5. says

    I have money in my paypal, wahoo. It’s now in yours! Perfect something to do on Friday since I can’t shop on Black Friday :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

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