Summer what I’m having….

I had mentioned a few times that I would be taking some breaks this summer and I’m on one now :) Just wanted to let you all know. I’ll be back in the middle of the month with a few things and then off again until mid August. In the meantime, I’m spending time with my family, unplugging from the social media (but I’m still available email if you need something), traveling, and working on all kind of things to share when things start going again. I’m also going to figure out some logistics of this blogging stuff. Enjoy your summer and I’ll be enjoying mine and seeing you guys in a bit :)
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    Have a wonderful time with family and friends! It’s important to have some down time from social media sometimes. :) I’m slightly unplugged at the moment since my little addition to the family has arrived. I haven’t done anything crafty in the past 3 weeks!

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