Summer Goals-Listed-2 Down

This week has been an interesting one. We had people here putting a new roof on and it has been super loud! They would promptly arrive at 8:30 and work until 7:30 at night. Needless to say, the little one and I tried to escape the house as much as possible so we could avoid all the banging. This left little time to craft, but I did use my nights of quiet to began to work towards some of my summer goals.

Yarn in a Glass Vase

One of the first things I did was wrap all of my yarn into balls. I have wanted to do this for a long time and I love how they look! My hubby bought me some new “craft” furniture from a store that was going out of business, so I’ve been trying to organize things before it’s arrival. I’m trying to go for a new look.

Balls of Yarn

My list of things to do this summer is going to take a lot, but I’m determined to finish up all these things I’ve had sitting around or planning to do. I just need to do it and be smart with the time I have when my daughter naps, etc.

Books by Color

Another thing I did was finally put all of our books in order by color. This is only two of the shelves, but I just adore this look! I have seen so many others do it and I knew it was something I wanted to try. Do you have plans for reaching your summer goals?

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    Awww the yarn looks awesome! I may have to find something clear to put mine in!

    It’s all in a wire basket right now but a glass vase is something you could put somewhere else in the house, and free up space in the craft room!! :)

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    I must say those books in color order are great! I work at a bookstore and I think it’d be hilarious to do that once…. (you’d be surprised at how certain subjects stick to certain colors – history for example: red and black – boring… health – neon colors) lol I’m sure my boss would love it were I to start shelving by color rather than alphabet! :)

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    Bookshelf looks great, as do the balls of yarn. Won’t it hurt to then have to use the yarn after taking the time to wind it into balls?
    My goals for summer include finding a decent pair of vegan trainers, improving my crochet to a point where I’m happy with my speed and skill and seeing my family as much as possible.

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    You *might* just be as nerdy as me in organizing your books. I heart you. My summer goal is simple: find a way to make some money even though I have to stay at home all day with no car. Ideas?

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    I’m making headway on my goals too! My MBA is on hold for the summer, so I’m trying to work toward finishing all the projects that got left undone through the year! :)

    My BIGGEST project this summer is to make birthday gifts for everyone for the coming year. I have many little boys turning one, in my life, this year and have made major headway on some very cute bunting banners!!

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    What a fun idea (colour coding the books)! I do this with the clothes in my closet but I never thought about doing it in the living room before…

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    Thanks ladies!

    Jenny- Maybe (besides selling things online) you could host a “craft camp” or something at your home during the summer (Just check into the rules of the state where you live and all). You could also do surveys and stuff to earn gift cards and stuff. Moms by Heart shares tons of great tips on how to do this and more (

    Becky- I have no problem with people sharing links to their things :) As long as it isn’t spam! lol. And yours isn’t.

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    I’ve saw the idea of sorting books by colour and since we’ve just moved and put up new bookshelves, I’ve been thinking of it but wasn’t sure what it would look like with different sized books. But now seeing it here I think I’ll give it a try.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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    I love how the yarn looks like home decor in that tall vase… makes me think I should do the same with my yarn since I abandoned knitting for sewing!

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