Sweetheart Pin Cushion Tutorial

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Every person who sews needs at least one cute pin cushion to adorn there craft room. Having cute things around you help motivate you when you are being creative. To add more cuteness to your craft room, here is a little heart pin cushion you can make. If you do make one, feel free to share with us by adding a picture to the Flickr Group.

Sweetheart Pin Cushion Tutorial

You will need:
-Pattern pieces printed out Sweetheart Pin Cushion Pattern
-Scrap fabrics (biggest is two 4.5″X4.5″ of fabric)
-Iron on adhesive (5″x5″ piece)
-Stuffing: fiberfil, quilt batting, t-shirt scraps, etc. Your choice :)
-Sewing Things
-Optional: other embelishments

How to make it:

1. Cut out all the pattern pieces


2. Grab some scraps for the heart and iron them. Start by placing one piece on the edge of the pattern piece that says “sew scraps here”, wrong side down. Then place the next piece you want on top of it, right side down.



3. Sew the two pieces together, right onto the paper.

4. Open up and iron seam. Continue on until the whole paper is covered with scraps.


5. Rip the paper off of the back now.


6. Sew any top seams you want now.


7. Trace the heart onto the middle of the piece of iron on adhesive. You will trace on the paper side, not the sticky side. Cut around the outside of the heart about 1/2″ at the most. Cut out two pieces of fabric for the main part of the pin cushion using pattern piece.
Place the sticky side of the iron on adhesive on the middle of the wrong side of the main fabric. Iron on according to directions.


11. Cut the heart out. Start by making a clip in the middle and then cut it out.



12. Remove the paper backing on the fabric. Place scraps underneath the heart cut out. The iron on adhesive will be on the top of the scraps. Iron together according to directions.


13. Sew around the heart if you like and add any other embellishments. You could embroider or add a ruffle. If you add a trim, sew it on first first sewing the two pieces together. You sew it on the right side of the fabric so the edge you will see is facing towards the middle of the square. It keeps it in place a lot easier.


14. Place the two main pieces right sides together and pin. Sew around leaving an opening for turning and stuffing.


15. Turn right side out. Iron it real quick if it got wrinkly. Stuff with fiberfil, quilt batting, etc. I found that I really liked using quilt batting to fill them with. It was heavier than fiberfil but still easy to stick pins into. Another thing I experimented with was using t-shirt scraps. I stuffed some in on the bottom, then covered the top with quilt batting. This allowed the pins to stick in easily, but added even more weight to the pin cushion.


16. Hand sew opening shut.

Now you have an adorable pincushion! The cute pins are Fiskars Heidi Grace Designs Decorative Pins.

Win this one on my blog!


Pretty Pinks and Browns

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  1. says

    this is really, really, really cute! It’s a great way to reuse old scraps of fabric you just don’t know what to do with. A blog friend of mine upcycled vintage napkins into heart-shaped pin-cushions too. They look different but can both make great gifts (haha, so our amigos don’t get all our same homemade craft?)

    Here’s what the other one looks like, I thought you might be into it: http://ramblingdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/01/valentines-heart-tutorial.html

    Thanks for spending time on this tutorial!


  2. Anonymous says

    SUPER cute!!! But I’m thinking why stop with a pin cushion? I think that these would looke precious as throw pillows for my sweet little girls room – pinks and greens with some lace ruffles around!! I find WONDERFUL ideas on your blog. Thanks so much!

  3. says

    What a cute idea! My little girl just turned 5 and got her first sewing machine yesterday. If I don’t win this, I think we’ll make one together for her first project. :)

  4. says

    What a treasure to win ! They are beautiful ! Thanks for the tutorial….the pictures and directions are easy to follow.
    Susie #6652 Fiskateer

  5. says

    Ohh, this is cute! You could even make them in different shapes for the holidays. I’m seeing lots of posibilities, you should start selling them in your shop!Very cute! My daughter would probably steel it for her Barbies:)Thanks for sharing

  6. says

    These are adorable! I love green! It is one of my top priorities this year to improve my sewing skills. I hope to spend most of my summer sewing! A cute pincushion would be wonderful!

  7. says

    You are so creative! What a great tutorial, thanks for giving me an idea for a Valentine’s gift for my mom! The green one is adorable! I hope I win :)

  8. says

    “Where did you get those adorable pins?”

    They were actually part of an amazing package I received for doing a special tutorial. They are by Fiskars Heidi Grace Designs. If you google Heidi Grace Decorative Pins (I googled it and found a few online stores carrying them) you can find them. They are targeted for scrapbooking, but they are strong enough to use as regular pins for sewing.

  9. says

    So elegant and yet simple. Do you ever sleep???? Count me in on the random drawing, and thanks so much for promoting my Renew Vintage Flickr Contest, I am adding another week in the hopes I pick up a few more folks.

  10. says

    Very cute!!! Im actually sitting at home VERY bored re-reading blogs that I skimmed over earlier, and I think I am going to head into my sewing room and whip one up…Im thinking VERY LARGE though…lol.


  11. says

    My sis in law and I were just talking about how having a cute workspace and cute things around you really helps in the creative process. I love the ruffle around the edge of the pink one.

  12. says

    How great! Love it! I’d especially love to win since my pile of unfinished projects is so large that I have had to box them up. Rather than start something else… can I just win a completed (and cute) one? Hah! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  13. says

    Hey Jessica,

    Love your blog, you are truly talented. You have inspired me so much…There is so many things I would like to try out but so little time. Hope I can make it to the drawing. By the way I used to live in Jax, FL wished I knew you then. I am now in VA you should move back ;) Continue your great work!

  14. says

    I’m sad I missed it…. but good gracious that’s a lot of comments for a 24 hours giveaway. You are famous! haha Hope you have a great Monday! :)

    ps I’m up and blogging over at Newlywife. I posted today if you wanna check it out. newlywife.com

  15. says

    Augh! The green one is my fave of the three. I could make this, but I don’t have scraps that cute! :) Thanks for a great giveaway and tutorial. You are so talented!


  16. says

    What a beautiful little pincushion. Thanks so much for the tutorial on how to make it. I am not sure I can get the iron on stuff over here, but I will look for it.

  17. says

    Thank you for sharing the pattern! I hope to make a few using a red and pink felted sweater parts for a couple of breast cancer surviver friends. They are so darn cute and I’m sure would put a smile on their faces (and mine too if I’m lucky enough to win the your beautiful green one)!!!!
    Judy Lynn

  18. says

    Thanks for a cute idea. I bought my granddaughters (ages 7 & 9) sewing machines for Christmas and this might be a fun project to do with them, either for Valentine’s Day or for their Mom’s for Mothers’ Day. Thanks Again.

  19. says

    Hooray for this tutorial! I learned so much making this project. Instead of pin cushions, I made coasters out of them… inserting flannel and top stitching around the perimeter of the square! Thank you for the inspiration! I love it!

  20. janisogo@hotmail.com says

    Loved the pincushion has inspired me to get out the sewing machine after it has been in the cuboard under the stairs for far to long.

  21. says

    I would love to win one of the pin cushions!! I used your tutorial to make one, but I gave it away!! Thanks so much for the awesome directions!!

  22. jeannem wallace@yahoo.com says

    Thank you for the great tutorial I loved it, also too hope you get to go to the movie it is a very funny one, but then I am English and laughing is what I love best,you take care HUGS Jeanne

  23. Helen Mac says

    This is such a good idea for our new craft group, I’m gathering bits and pieces for them to make for our Christmas Sale of Work. It would be wonderful to win as well getting this useful pattern, thank for the chance. Helen Mac Scotland

  24. Anonymous says

    I am always amazed at such creative minds. If I don’t win, I will definitely make this one.

  25. says

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a nice pin cushion. One that’s not round and rolly like those tomato looking things, one that’s big enough for me to stab into while at the sewing machine and not have to look over at it. This looks PERFECT as I can make it any size that I want. And what a creative way to use some of the scraps that I’ve been accumulating. I might just make one of these for each of the sewers in my family for Christmas (it would look so cute with a tree cutout in place of the heart), there are so many ideas that I have now! Oh, now I know I’m going to have to make a ton of these for myself. Woo Hoo! Thank you for such a great pattern!
    Oh, and I hope I win *smile*

  26. Anonymous says

    THis is so unreal as the lesson or roll call for our quilt meeting this month was pincushions and we shared the ones we had. I love this pattern and wll make myself one with the pattern you provide.

    Marie at mthouse@ucom.net

  27. Anonymous says

    Pick me please, I have a few in unique collection and would like this one.
    Such an original idea. thank you

  28. Rachel says

    love these they are soooo sweet! don’t quite understand how you add the ruffle?? do you sandwhich it between the back and front pieces with the wrong sides facing then sew all around the edge?
    gorgeous little make I am hoping to make one for my mums birthday so thank you for sharing :)

    • says

      You are right :) It is between the back and front with wrong sides facing. The edge where you gathered it would be the side on the outer edge. Then you can sew over the gathering thread so it won’t be seen when turned right side out.

  29. Glad says

    Fabulous!! Luv the AB scraps:) going to make these as a small thank you for my new Exec Board of a leadership group. Many thanks!!

  30. Gayle D says

    I just love this pin cushion. I need to make it for myself, tired of using an old plastic tub for my pins.

  31. Pat says

    Love love the pincushion and green is my favorite. Will be making several for my family of sewers. Hope to win . Thanks for sharing this wonderful project.

  32. says

    Love this idea to use pieces of materials that I love! Perfect little birthday gift for another quilter. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from your website, and win.

  33. anna says

    my favorite thing is hearts, I have hearts everywhere in my house, quilts, embroidery, hardanger, hand spun yarn and knitted blanket with about 40 squares each with a heart, I would love to have a pincushion like that, I tried to download the pattern and had difficulty, so sad that I couldn’t get the pattern pieces, I really wanted to make several for friends and family, I love your ideas, thank you for sharing these fun projects.

    • Jessica says

      Thank you for letting me know about the downloading issues. This post is four years old, so the file sharing site I used to use has changed. I just added it up there directly through my blog now, so hopefully you won’t have that issue again.

  34. Rena says

    these are so cute! I have decided to quilt the scrappy heart, add 2015 to it and make them as Christmas ornaments for my family this year. I added a simple string hanger to the edge and filled with polyfill.
    I would love to share a picture if you have someplace to share it to.

    • Jessica says

      That is such a sweet idea! I would love to see what you create. You can share on the Happy Together facebook page or on other social media using #happytogetherbyjess to tag it. There is still an album on Flickr to share in as well.


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