T-Shirt Weaving DIY

I wanted to share real quick how to weave a t-shirt like I did for my entry for last weeks Project Run and Play. (And, just so you don’t think I forgot, I’m getting the tutorial/pattern for the jacked from week 1 done for posting soon too :).

This is a very simple technique that can be done all over a t-shirt. I did it down the front, but you could do this on the sleeves, down the sides, down the back…..lots of creative possibilities.


Grab your scissors and a t-shirt (or some kind of knit shirt) you want to weave.


Fold it over where you want the opening to be. The fold will be the center of the weave.


Then cut in on the fold as little or long as you desire. I tried to do different lengths to see if it would make a different look, but it didn’t on mine. So, if I did this again, I would just do them all the same length.


Unfold it.


Then pull on each of the cut pieces so the fabric curls up.


Now begin the weaving process. Take the second cut strip down from the top…..


and pull it under the first cut strip (the very top one).


Then grab the third strip down……


and pull it under the second strip (which at this point is on the top from being pulled under already).


Continue on with this method until you get to the bottom (ex: take the fourth strip and pull it under the third, take the fifth strip and pull it under the fourth, etc). Then you will have one loop hanging.


Cut it in half and knot it onto the the other cut pieces. Or, you could sew it for a more secure hold.

And there you have it! Weave away.

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  1. Anonymous says

    this is soooooo cute!!! thanks <3 I love this, making tons of these. so creative, adorable, and easy!

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