An Impromptu Quilt

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together
Last week I really wanted to sew something. I had been doing a lot of wood working projects and just needed something different. I wanted to just use what I had, so since I have two girls and lots of girly fabrics, I went with an impromptu quilt for a baby girl. I went in my closet and picked out some fabrics (which are either from Hobby Lobby or Lola Pink) and started with this fun quilt block here.

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together
I actually shared the progress on my insta stories, so here is a quick run down of how the rest of the quilt went. All of the other pieces of this quilt, besides the second scrap bin geese quilt block, were just random choices I made as I went. I did this as messy as possible as well hahaha. No pre-ironing, no cutting using rotary cutter, etc. I just wanted to have some fun sewing! My only goal was to make sure it was big enough and looked pretty. Thankfully it turned out great even with me not taking my time at all.

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together
The end result was a fun quilt that measured 29″ x 33″. I really enjoyed this process and I think I liked it more than following an actual quilt pattern! Have you ever made a quilt this way? -jess

Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together Impromptu Quilt for baby girl | happy together

A Plus Quilt in Grays

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
As in typical form, there has been a baby wave among our friends and I’m working hard to catch up on gifts for them. I hadn’t been too motivated to sew recently but just pulled out some fabrics and made myself start. I’m glad I did as I was able to finish up this little baby quilt for a boy, a plus quilt in grays. And, of course, once I got sewing I haven’t wanted to stop! I was so happy that I was able to create this using all fabrics from my stash. Since I have two girls and I’m a girl, I tend to have more feminine fabrics. But I remembered this deer fabric I had bought and paired it with solids I had.

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
The dark gray and beige are both linen fabrics and the other two grays are leftover square blocks from this quilt. I love when I can use leftovers from other projects. Since those squares were already six inches, I stayed with that size and since I didn’t have much fabric I went with a simple plus quilt pattern. I laid them out in a way that used up every single square I cut except for two. So I used a total of 42 six inch squares in all and used a 1/4″ seam. The finished size is roughly 30.5″ x 37.5″. I had to rework some to make use of them all and not have to cut more out but it all turned out fabulous. I used extra fabric for the binding as well.

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
I found this solid fabric in my stash for the back that was just the perfect size. I then used a 100% batting because i like how thin and nice it is. I started with doing a simple straight line for the quilting but then decided to try and do wonky lines. I thought it was fun and went with the quilt and it was nice to try something different.

A Plus Quilt in Grays | happy together
I always want to try and do a “fancy” quilt but am always happy with how simple square or half square quilts turn out and they are truly so simple to sew up. Especially when they are bigger blocks. Have a favorite quilt pattern? -jess

Fox Quilt in Blues, Greens, and Oranges

A Fox Quilt | happy together
This fox quilt is probably one of my favorite quilts I have sewn up so far. The main reason, besides all the fox cuteness, is that I used a linen fabric for the background fabric and it made this quilt so cuddly! Miss E has requested a fox quilt for herself and I will most certainly use the linen fabric again (this one was for my newest nephew). It was hard to keep the linen fabric from moving all over the place when doing the quilting part but it was totally worth it.

A Fox Quilt | happy together
I used the Fancy Fox Quilt Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman here. Isn’t it adorable? It’s a pretty simple sew as far as quilts go. Lots of cutting, but once that’s done it goes fast. This was the baby size but the pattern also includes sizing for a lap and a twin size quilt. The baby size is still a good size so you could just not use as many fox blocks and make a smaller one to be used for a car seat blanket if you wanted.

A Fox Quilt | happy together
I used the Keepsake Calico Cotton Fabric – Mini Crosshatch Black/White fabric for the backing. The binding was a gingham that I had gotten from Walmart a long time ago. I used fabric from my stash for the fox faces. Some of those are even vintage fabrics. It’s fun mixing the old with the new. For the batting, I used a 100% cotton type because this quilt will live in an area that actually has some colder weather.

A Fox Quilt | happy together A Fox Quilt | happy together A Fox Quilt | happy together
Has anyone else made this quilt yet? Share if you have a link. I would love to see your variation :) The next one of these I make will be super girlie with pinks, purples, and yellows per miss E’s request.



A Baby Gingham Quilt

A Gingham Baby Quilt | happy together
One of my good friends is about to have baby boy #4 and we went out last night to have a girls night out baby shower. Let me say, it was a lot of fun! It totally suited her more than a typical baby shower. I wanted to make at least one special thing to add to her gifts so when I stumbled upon a gingham quilt on Pinterest I knew that would be the perfect thing to make and reminds me of how she dresses/styles her little boys. (PS, those little shoes are from Michaels! They have some cute little baby shoes in the craft section.)

Front of Gingham Quilt | happy together
I went to Hobby Lobby and decided to use shades of gray for this quilt. I used a dark, medium, and light tone. I got a half yard of each, but in hindsight should have gotten a whole yard of the lighter color so I could have done one more row to have it end on the same colors on the sides. I cut out 6 inch squares and lined them up in the order shown above.

Plaid Fabric Quilt Fabric | happy together
Since it was so gray I wanted to add some color pops. I found a plaid fabric, from Hancock Fabric, that played along with the grays and had some yellow. This allowed me to grab some pre-made yellow binding at the fabric store for the edges. I didn’t use any batting in between the two layers since it is usually on the hot side here in Louisiana. It makes for a nice lightweight quilt.

Round Quilt Edges | happy together
To save even more time, I did a simple curved edge so I could just sew the binding all the way around without stopping until the end when I needed to overlap the ends. I was surprised how quickly this went together and love how perfectly “boy” it is. I threw it in the washer to get that wrinkled fabric look I love. I can’t wait to see little man all wrapped up in this quilt made from love.


A Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt

A Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt | happy together
Two weeks ago I really just wanted to sit down and sew. I grabbed the leftover half square triangles from this quilt project and laid them out. It was a little small for a quilt, even a baby quilt, but I was determined to make it work. Especially since I really like to try to use all of my fabrics. No need in it going to waste, right?

A Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt using Alchemy by Amy Butler | happy together
After I sewed them all together to create a diamond pattern, I decided to add more fabric to the sides to make it just a bit bigger.

A Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt using Alchemy by Amy Butler | happy together
I didn’t want to have to go to the store, so I used this pink cotton gauze fabric for the back. It’s a really soft and a fun texture. I sandwiched a 100% cotton batting into the middle for a little extra warmth.

A Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt using Alchemy by Amy Butler | happy together
I used scraps to create the binding as well. I went ahead and tried machine sewing it on again and for the first time it came out just perfect! I really took my time and read a ton of tutorials to see if I could find any more tips and tricks for this. I think having a wider binding really helped me out. Normally I do the typical 2.5″ strips to make a binding, but this time I made it 3.25″. Well, to be honest, it was kind of because the scraps were already that width and I didn’t want to cut them. Neat how things work like that sometimes, huh?

A Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt using Alchemy by Amy Butler | happy together
I played around with the stitching because I felt like it needed something more than straight lines. I like the pretty outline it made on the back. I wish I had some matching pink thread to match the back, but remember how I said I didn’t want to go to the store? Yes. So white thread it was. Now I have one baby gift down and many more to go.


A Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt using Alchemy by Amy Butler | happy together