Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone :) I just wanted to share something I learned last weekend: get a surge protector for your phone lines. We came home from vacation last Saturday to find our computer, modem, and phone Jack fried. Lightning had struck it. Now our computer was on a surge protector, but the cable running into it from the phone Jack was not. So everything was killed. They fixed the phone line yesterday and we just bought a new computer today, so hopefully I will back to blogging this upcoming week. Thank goodness our renters insurance covered everything! And that at least my phone still let’s me get on the Internet. Talk to you all soon!

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    We had a similar thing happen a couple weeks ago! We’re in Bountiful, Utah. The main electrical line “burnt up”/shorted out. It fried the treadmill, the phones, the microwave, the baby monitor, the sprinkler control system, and my radio I use when I sew! Because we technically own the electrical line, but the city maintains it, we were responsible for the damages. Luckily we were able to replace/fix all our stuff for a little over $300, but it still was a nuisance doing it all for a whole week! I got us some new/additional surge protectors. They’d better do the trick. Hopefully it will never happen again!

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