The Blue Blazer

Blazer: c/o Tailor and Stylist, Shirt: Forever 21, Boots: Nine West, Necklace: Vintage

I love comfy clothes. Even before being a mom and chasing the littles around, I always preferred comfortable over anything when it came to clothes. So when I got this blazer c/o Tailor & Stylist, it fit the bill perfectly.


It’s made from a knit like fabric and fits so well. One thing I really like about the T&S site is that with each piece of clothing they give suggestions on how to wear it. I’m not some big fashionista or anything, so that really helps give a better mental picture of how you can style it. They have some beautiful clothing on their site and I recommend you checking it all out. They were wonderful to work with!


I’m hoping to do more outfit posts this year as part of a “new year resolution” for the blog.


Speaking of resolutions, I also stepped outside of my comfort zone today and cut myself some bangs!!!!! I had been wanting to try them out for a long time, but finally did it today.

I just found some tutorials on how to cut Zooey bangs and went for it. It’s a nice little change and made me feel good. It’s a good beginning to a new year :)
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      That is my biggest worry!!! And that they will make my forehead break out (I have super sensitive skin). I guess we’ll see how long I keep them up :) lol. I’m just glad I tried it and have found a way that I like bangs on me as well.

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      Yes ma’am! I was not about to pay someone to cut my bangs because the last few times in my life I have had someone do them it looked horrible! So, until I hear of a good hair stylist down here, I’ll keep doing it myself. Saves some money as well :)

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      Thank you :) And yes, I did! It wasn’t too bad really. There are so many helpful tutorials out there and I guess I’m pretty good with scissors from cutting so much fabric ;) lol

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    Love love LOVE this!!!

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    P.S. I can’t remember if I commented and told you about my needing guest bloggers or not but just in case I didn’t I’d LOVE to have you some time in the month of February if you have the time to write up a post! You can find mroe details here:

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    The blazer is adorable, I have a black knit blazer that I absolutely love. I’ve decided I’ll take knit blazers any day over traditional, stiff ones. They’re perfect for work or a night out, and so comfy! Love the bangs too :) -Jen

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