The Heart of the Dress

The Heart of the Dress

I always try really hard to stick to my list when I go shopping. Sometimes something just calls my name though and I have to get it. I was at Walmart a few weeks ago and walked by the fabric section. Probably my first mistake. But, on the end cap was this beautiful knit fabric for only $2 a yard. I freaked out a little on the inside! It took me forever to find someone to cut it because it was really early in the morning, but I was determined to get some of that fabric.

The Heart of the Dress

I bought 3 yards so I would have enough to make a dress out of it. This is what became of that fabric. I just used a maxi dress I had as a pattern and went to town. It’s sleeveless but still a little chilly, so I had to wear a sweater with it (from Anthropologie a few years ago).

The Heart of the Dress

I also made a ton of these crocheted heart pins for friends and the teachers at my daughter’s school. I used this pattern size medium. Very easy to whip those up.

The Heart of the Dress

The best part is I had enough fabric leftover to make miss E some pants and another pair to eventually go up in my shop. (It’s a new goal of mine to start sewing up some things to sell soon.) I wore this dress on Valentine’s Day and last night for a date night with my hubby. It’s so comfy and I’m so happy with it. It will get a lot of wear in the summer. Have you made yourself anything lately?

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    This is really cute! I hope my Walmart has fabric like this. I’ve been making dresses and skirts for my daughter and some friends of mine. I haven’t made myself anything since last Fall. I need to get back on that.

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    I love good finds like this! Every once in awhile WalMart will get in fabric like this and I LOVE when I am lucky enough to see it before it’s all gone!

    Your dress is adorable!

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    Girl…I would have bought the whole bolt! $2 a yard??!! Love what you did with it and how you switched up the direction of the stripes. Beautiful!

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