The Night Before

Fox in Socks        Fox in Socks

I had the best of intentions last night. I was all set to finish editing some pictures for a tutorial after my husband and I had our at home date. (We try to spend every Thursday night together after the girls go to bed as our “date” night.) Instead I had my first experience that I had only read about so far. In my daughter’s folder was a flyer about how tomorrow (now today) is National Readers Day.

Fox in Socks

That’s wonderful! But….they said the kids can dress up like a book character. What? The night before I find out about this? Of course my daughter wanted to join in on the fun. I was a bit nervous at first because she wanted to be a hermit crab from this one book. I had mentally prepared myself for staying up and creating some kind of hermit crab costume.

Fox in Socks   Fox in Socks
Fox in Socks   Fox in Socks
She spared me though and changed her mind. She wanted to be a fox (again). I told her she needed a book. So into her room she went and found Fox in Socks. Perfect!!!! We went to the store and found some blue socks and a red shirt. We reused the fox tail but I did stay up a little bit to fix it up and make some ears so she wouldn’t have to use the mask from her previous fox costume. Whew. She’s happy and so am I. At least it was something simple like this. Oh the joys of motherhood :)
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