There’s a birthday coming up….

What fun!
My little princess is going to be one soon!!!! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already. We are excited that my husband gets to be here for the big event. We are enjoying having him home for this little bit we get. Here are the pictures that my hubby and I took of our daughter for her one year old pictures. I made the skirt and the ruffle on the onesie from a satin material and some other kind of see through stuff. It’s not very well put together, but that was not the purpose. The purpose was to look good in the pics, which I think it did. I was going for this look, but I decided to do my own thing when I couldn’t find the exact material it called for. I used the comments at the bottom of that page to help me out as well.
There's a smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Birthday Girl

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