“They are Beautful!”

In a row

That is the new phrase my daughter says when she really likes something. And yes, the “i” in beautiful is missing because she says it as “beautful.” She was super excited about these trees and even had to sleep with one!

Amidst all the whimsical goodness

I was totally inspired by this picture. Aren’t hers awesome? For mine, I just bought all these trees at the Dollar Store and hot glued on felt and fleece.

Graduated Colors

Then I hand made the pom poms from my yarn collection and glued them on by the embroidery thread I used to hold all the yarn together.

Bright Felt Christmas Trees

I decided to use them to spruce up my blog a little for the Christmas season. Hope they add some happiness to your day!

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  1. Shawnna says

    So sweet! I could see those looking really cute on a mantel. Great job, and your daughter is just too adorable!

  2. says

    Your daughter is right, they are beautful! I want to try them!!!! Thank you for inspiring me with your blog, been following you a while, first time to comment!

  3. says

    These are just too cute for words! I actually bought a few of those trees already, so I can get right to work! I am filing this at thecraftersfilebox.com.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. says

    Wow! You have been busy. I love the trees and will have to make some too—my kids will adore them. Do you have any tips for cutting out the felt pieces?

  5. says

    “Do you have any tips for cutting out the felt pieces?”

    I just cut them longer than I needed rectangular pieces and trimmed them at an angle at the end. Then I wasn’t trying to figure out some awkward shape for it to fit.

  6. Anonymous says

    WOW! I am the most NON crafty person, but these actually look manageable for me and my kids. Alas, I am still at a loss for what trees you’re talking about from the dollar store. Is it sad that someone with no crafty intuition is even commenting on your blog??? You still inspire me :-)
    Teresa in VA

  7. says

    “Alas, I am still at a loss for what trees you’re talking about from the dollar store”

    The Dollar Tree near us had all these decorated cone shaped trees. Some were covered in beads, some were wire cones covered in garland type material, and the third kind had this multi-color plastic stuff on them. I just glued over them. Really, any kind of cone shape could work. You could even buy cone shaped styrofoam.

  8. says

    wow!! your trees are amazing! Its funny because I never would have thought to glue the felt onto an actual tree. Yours are probably much more practical than mine. good thinking!

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