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I just wanted to share some pics from my instagram for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet. Above is a little skirt I made for a one year old’s birthday present. I loved how it turned out and I’m planning on making some like this for my girls.

Made this leather cuff using this tutorial. Super quick and super cute! 

We have been in the kitchen making stuff too. One day we made some yummy strawberry milkshakes together. This girl has such a sweet tooth!

Hubby made us a headboard!!!!!! It’s all done and in place now, but I have to do some finishing touches before I share the whole thing. I absolutely love it.

I took a go at the embroidery hoop art a few weeks ago and did this. I still need to finish it, but it was really fun to do.

This was from when I made all of those pom poms for the mail project. 

This little one has been getting into everything as usual. She loves to climb. I leave the room and come back to find her on top of things.  Nothing like having your heart jump a few times a day ;)

I got some pretty fabrics to make pillow covers for our living room. They are from the Lillybelle Collection by Bari J. I’m ready to add some spring color to our home.

And this little guy was put together by miss J. It was a kit from Target and she had so much fun doing it. There is a talent show at her school coming up and she wants to sew for it! (one beaming proud mom over here for her wanting to do that). At first she didn’t want to do anything, but I guess they were talking to her about sewing for it at school and now she is so excited! I’m just glad that she has found some things that she really enjoys to do. Bonus is that they are things I like too :)

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    Cute cute cute! Love the little skirt! Colors are great! I am going to have to look at that cuff tutorial, I have some lovely scrap leather pieces, Planned to make lots and lots of slippers, only made one pair (its on my blog still as I seem to be a slow blogger!) Now I know what to do with the leather, thank you! I have a piece of blue that is perfect!
    And your miss j is pretty good at sewing! have a happy rest of the week!

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