Tied Up Flowers DIY

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

This is a little something I made for miss E’s nursery last summer, I just never got around to taking pictures of it until now :)

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

I was inspired by a lot of the store windows that sported similar concepts.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

It was really easy and quick to put together. Start by getting a wooden dowel (I just bought one from Hobby Lobby), faux flowers to hang, hemp cord or something like it, and a hot glue gun. You also might need a wire cutter if you need to cut any of the flowers up. For instance, the yellow flowers were a big bunch and I cut off the short branches to spread out more.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

Lay down the wooden dowel down and arrange the flowers how you would like them to look. I tried to spread mine out evenly.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

Then tie the flowers in place with the hemp. I just did a double knot.

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

For extra hold, I highly recommend hot gluing around the hemp and stem of the flowers in the front

Tied Up Flowers Wall Decor

and then the back as well. I used extra long nails to hang it on. That made sure there was enough room to hold the dowel.


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  1. says

    These is really cute! At first I thought, how do these still look so great if you did it last summer?! But duh! Fake flowers! I’ll have to remember this when I redo my daughter’s room.

  2. says

    Well, I’m so glad they look kind of real :) I was hoping for that! lol I tried to buy nicer ones to it would look nicer. I got these on clearance last summer because they were the spring ones they were getting rid of.

    Hi :) It isn’t blocked. I’ve had other people have the same issue and usually when they come back and try again later it works. I think sometimes that pinterest has the “hiccups” as I call them ;) So try again and maybe it will work, or maybe you can find it already pinned on pinterest and repin it?

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