Today’s Tutorial: A Crocheted Crown Fit for a Prince or Princess

Crocheted Crown Tutorial

My daughter started getting into the princess stage a little while ago, which is what inspired this crocheted crown. She became fond of Gigi (we have the God’s Little Princess DVD).

A Bird's Eye View
(I made her skirt with this tutorial)

She just adores the story. I made a boy version of the crown as well, for all of you with sons :) Throw your own spin on it and share it with us in the Flickr group. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional crochet pattern writer. Please let me know if you don’t understand something.

-Yarn (amount depends; not too much though)
-Crochet Hook (I used a size H)
-Yarn Needle

Head band (make one):
Measure child’s head (or if making for a present or to sell, measure your own).
2. Make a foundation chain that is the measurement of head circumference plus two inches, give or take.
3. At the end of the chain, sc in 2nd chain from hook. SC all the way across.
4. At the end, ch. 1 and turn. SC in 2nd ch from end or row and then sc all the way across.
5. Repeat step 4.
6. End, leaving a tail for sewing

The head band part

Large Triangle (make one):
1. Ch 11
2. SC in 2nd ch from hook; SC across (10)
3. Ch 1 and turn; SC in 2nd sc in row then sc across (8)
4. Repeat step 3
5. Ch 1 and turn; Dec then sc across (7)
6. Repeat step 5 (6)
7. Repeat step 5 (5)
8. Repeat step 5 (4)
9. Repeat step 5 (3)
10. Repeat step 5 (2)
11. Ch 1 and turn; Dec (1)

The triangle before finishing the sides up

12. SC around the whole triangle to smooth out the edges (*You might have to do 2 sc in the corners for it to look nice).
13. Once done, sl st in first outer sc made. Weave in tail.

Small Triangle (make two):
1. Ch 6
2. SC in 2nd ch from hook; SC across (5)
3. Ch 1 and turn; SC in 1st sc, SC across (5)
4. Ch 1 and turn; Dec then sc across (4)
5. Repeat step 4 (3)
6. Repeat step 4 (2)
7. Repeat step 4 (1)
8. SC around the whole triangle to smooth out the edges (*You might have to do 2 sc in the corners for it to look nice).
9. Once done, sl st in first outer sc made. Weave in tail.

Putting it together:

Ready to put together

Place the triangles in the middle of the band to see where they should go.

Placing the triangles

Hold one of the little ones in place and sew on (Use yarn and yarn needle; I also just knotted it at the beginning):

Sewing the triangles on

Then add the middle triangle and sew on. Finally, the last one. Sew it on the way you like it.

To finish it off, you can do a few things. You can sew the band together with yarn if you know the correct size it needs to be, or you could add velcro so it can be adjusted. Possibly even a button and add a loop on the other side if desired.

You can add velcro

A Boy's Birthday Crown

For the “boy” one, I added pom poms and a paper number, as if it was for a birthday party. For the girls, I cut a piece of fabric, stitched down the side, pulled thread tight, and connected the two ends together. Then I sewed it to the middle one and sewed a jewel button in the middle of it. I added two other buttons to the smaller triangles.

Picking Up Butterflies

***I made the butterflies by tracing a cookie cutter onto scrapbook paper. I stuck them on the tree with pins***

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  1. says

    This is the cutest crown ever–I’m so excited (I just learned how to crochet)! This would make a perfect birthday gift–if I had the yarn I’d start making one tonight! Thanks for making this a tutorial!

  2. says

    too sweet! i wish i could crochet! i would be whipping one of these up for my girl! i love the last pix with the butterflies and of course your sweet little girl!

  3. Anonymous says

    My daughters love Gigi too! I made them some felt crowns. They would love a collection of crowns and tiaras. I have no idea how to crochet… it’s on my list of things to learn. This looks great though! My girls really want all the accessories that Gigi wears and has in her room…

    Love your blog.

    Glenyce, Victoria, Australia

  4. says

    hi there,
    love your blog- especially the anthropofied section!
    was wondering if the paper butterflies in the crochet crown photo are from a punch or a template- where can i find them?
    thanks so much, julie

  5. says

    I just happened across your blog and I love it! Very inspiring! Thanks!!! I may try making a ruffled strapless top now! I liked reading your profile (about me) section. I went to college in Virginia (Liberty University) and that’s where I met my husband and also studied sewing (although my mom had taught me previously as well).

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