Today’s Tutorial: Fabric Flower Earrings

I’ve been a little lazy lately, but it’s a good thing :) This is a simple tutorial to make some cute earrings with some leftover scraps of fabric and beads. I like how mine came out and I hope you do too.

My Earrings in Action:

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Tulle earrings

What you need to make one pair:

-Scrap fabric (enough to make 12 circles the size of a dime)

-a Dime (or a small round object to use as a template)


-Sewing Needle

-2 Beads

-Glue (I used fabric glue, but you could use a glue gun, etc)

-Earring posts and backs


1. Using a dime as a pattern, cut out 12 circles from your choice of fabric.


2. Thread your needle. Use a long piece and once threaded bring the end pieces together to create a knot. Make sure you leave a hole to help secure the earring.


3. Prepare the flowers. To make a petal you will fold a circle in half.


Then fold the half in half.


4. Sew through the point of the first petal and thread through the loop in the thread.


5. Fold the rest of the petals, one by one, sewing through the point after each one is made. There will be six per earring. Spread the petals in a circular way. The picture below is with two petals.


This is with 4 petals.

6. After you have arranged six petals, thread through a bead and then sew back down through all the layers of fabric. Knot the thread to secure it all.



7. Glue the earring post onto the back of the flower.


All Done

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  1. Aimee says

    These are the cutest earrings! I just spent the last hour making three pairs & they are so simple! Thank you sooo much for this tutorial!!

  2. says

    VERY VERY VERY GOOD İDEA.. Think that we made this the fabric of our clothes we wear in important days… oh wonderfull idea…
    love from turkey…

  3. says

    I saw something similar to these in Claire’s, wanted to purchase them because they are sooo cute! Now I can make my own, I love your creations, never made anything before, your blog is inspiring me to learn and create!


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