Under the Stars

What do you do when the stars are out?

Every tent needs a cute lantern

You can have fun with a cute lantern,

Reading under the stars

Read some funny books,

Star light Star bright, wonder what we'll do tonight

And try to go to sleep. Although, we all know the excitement will keep you awake.

The Sleeping Bag

It’s been a bit dark and gloomy weather wise, so when my little one asked for a sleeping bag I jumped on it. Using Disney’s, from Ruffles and Stuff, tutorial, this is what I made.

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  1. says

    This is so bright and adorable. I love it. What a lucky little lady. I’ll have to check out the tutorial to make a boy version for my guys. thanks.

  2. says

    GORGEOUS! I love your fabric choices – you have great taste. I definitely think I want to try one of these for my 2-year old. If I just had more time in each day to get all of these super fun projects done. Great job!!


  3. says

    Aaaah!! This is the cutest thing ever!! Not to mention that I’m totally flattered that you tried my tutorial! Can I put it up on my “you tried it” page? Pretty, pretty please? :o)

  4. says

    She looks so content playing in there, looks like a lot of fun! My 3.5 year old was asking me about making a sleeping bag for her upcoming birthday. Wonder if I’d have to mess around with the size?

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