Updating Old Patterns

As You Like It Dress | happy together
At times I totally feel like just throwing in the towel and just walking away from all this blog stuff. But, every single time, I get renewed in my love and passion for all of this and continue on. I usually pay myself no mind when at the low points because I know my feelings will change. That is why it’s good to not just live off your emotions. Emotions can be fickle. They can change quickly. They are good and need to be paid attention too, but it’s important to determine if it’s just a passing emotion or a sign to really make a change. If you noticed, I had not kept up my patterns in the shop the past few months. I didn’t really know where to go with them. Plus, if you also can tell, there are a ton more indie pattern makers out there now as opposed to when I first started. And they have much more technical skills then I. But I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to put those patterns away quite yet. And I have a few ideas that have been in my head for a while for some new patterns. So this fall/winter I am going to update my patterns. There are a few things I want to change after making them so many times. This was one I have been playing around with, the As You Like It Dress/Top Pattern (can you believe how little Miss J was in those pics?! Now it’s her little sister at the same size). I want to make the finishing touches as professional as possible so for anyone who makes these to sell can feel fully confident in their product. I also am making some for an event I will be selling handmade items at in December, so I want to feel that way too. And there are a few tweaks to the back and front length I want to officially change for a better fit.

As You Like It Dress | happy together
I love this little pattern and I am so glad I made it. I have made so many for my girls and want to be able to share it still.

As You Like It Dress | happy together
My daughters are my inspiration for pretty much all of this. It was the birth of my first daughter that really inspired me to start down this creative path. It completely changed my life.

As You Like It Dress | happy together
We never know how our paths will turn out, but it’s important to just keep on trying sometimes. Even if it’s just one day at a time.


Shorts pattern from here.

Fox fabric and coordinating pattern is the Les Amis Collection from Patty Sloniger. Black/white top fabric from JoAnns.

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  1. Lucille says

    Hi Jess
    I’ve been following your blog since Miss J was that little and I bought your pattern and also printed the fabric letters template cause we were planning on a baby and I knew she was going to be a girl

    • Jessica says

      Oh wow! Thank you for following along :) It feels like these past few years have gone quickly! How old is your daughter now?

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