Vintage Style Egg Ornaments

Every year at Thanksgiving, my family stays at a beach house together. We do some Christmas related traditions, because we won’t see many of them at Christmas. One of the things the ladies do is an ornament exchange. I made these egg ornaments this year to be from Jaala. They are inspired by the egg ornaments my grandmother made a long time ago. My daughter loves eggs, so I had no problem collecting them. I love how they came out. The pictures don’t do them justice. They sparkle so much! Since they are a vintage style ornament, I kept with the theme and used vintage miniatures on the inside. I’m making cupcake ornaments from me and will post those as soon as I’m finished.
Yellow Egg Ornament with Deer
Red Egg Ornament with Bear
Pink Egg Ornament
Almost Finished....
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    I love these and have been looking for directions on how to make them. They are so magical and remind me of christmas when I was a child. Did you find directions anywhere? or would you mind sharing your secrets? like, how to make the egg hard, is that icing used to decorate the outside of the egg, etc. thank you so much for the inspirations!!!

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    My mother made these when she was younger and recently showed me how. There are actually a couple of ways but THEN they drained the egg, covered it with masking tape (minus the hole), then cut the whole bigger (the masking tape giving it strength. Covered the inside with elmers glue, shook glitter in there. Then covered the outside with elmers glue, using sequence wrapping it in a circle from the outter edge all the way to finish in the center. Used another lace to cover the rim (opening-glued) and then put “ANGEL HAIR” under where the figurine will be.
    Apparently Angel Hair was banned because it had glass in it! So whatever you could find. Glue the figurine. Glue the string with a decorative base on outter top (to hang ornament).

    I figured you can do this with a paper mache’ style modgpodge and newspaper too. But the above was the supplies they had at the time 60s?).
    Now we can use super glue/glue guns, and have way more laces and such.
    Hope this helps.
    Looks like there are other decorative ways to do it too!

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    Love, love, love these ornaments. When I was a little girl our neighbor, Marge Fussell, made a set for my mother. Mrs. Fussell had cancer and passed away shortly after Christmas. I was priveleged to get them after my mother passed away, but some are in rough shape after so many years. I look forward to seeing your tutorial and especially wonder where you found the tiny innards. :) That’s where I usually have problems.

    Thanks for this post, and for bringing back some wonderful memories!

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