A Visit to a Garden

One thing that I have truly come to love here in Jacksonville is the zoo. It has so many cool things. We go there all the time. One of the most recent displays they have opened is this amazingly beautiful Asian garden.

The entrance

They also have two humongous komodo dragons! I made this dress for my daughter because I liked how the neck on my shirt refashion came out a lot and wanted to do something like that for her.

I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and love it.

The really tall bridge

It’s a knit and very colorful. That’s one of the reasons we took the pictures in the garden (it has this cool bright green bridege).


I made these little hair bows to go with it. I am so excited I can finally put these kinds of things in her hair!

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    Love it – the dress, the bows, the zoo!
    I may live in Canada, but would you believe that I’ve been to Jacksonville Zoo with my two little girls? We loved the giraffes.

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    Very cute dress! Did you use a pattern? I’d love to make that for my girls. How about the bows? How’d you make those? Great work!

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    “Did you use a pattern? I’d love to make that for my girls. How about the bows? How’d you make those?”

    I did not use a pattern, but I did know the basics for making a shirred dress for girls(tons of tutes out there). I just kind of winged the front part to make it like the previous shirt refashion and added a ruffle on the bottom. Here is a quick how to:

    For the dress, I just cut out two rectangles that were the length I wanted it and the width of them sewn together was twice her chest measurement. The bottom ruffle I just made it the height I liked and made it double the width of the top two pieces together. I did the neck piece the same way I did the long shirt refashion. I just kind of guessed at the width and measured her for over the shoulders for the length. I sewed the neck pieces to the dress in the front middle before shirring it and sewed the back of the neck pieces on after trying it on her. I shirred it 5 times, 1/4 inch apart. I sewed the pieces for the ruffle together and made a circle. I then basted the top and pulled the back thread to create the ruffle. I pinned it on top of the dress body fabric and sewed it in place, then trimmed the edges on top.

    The hairbows are just cut up strips of a fabric and tulle sewn together with a button in the middle.

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    Hello from Malaysia!

    I just started sewing for my daughter and has been following some amazing fellow momma-sewing blogs lately, yours included.

    This one I so, so adorable, I love the colour combo! I wish I can wing it like you, but I seriously need lots of practice lol! Great work Jessica!

    Putrajaya, Malaysia

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