We Are Moving!!!!!


It’s finally here. Our moving day. I can’t believe it! We have been so busy with house hunting, cleaning, and all that comes with moving. Let me catch you all up. I waited to share because I wanted everything to be official official before saying anything.


Last month my husband decided that he no longer wanted to be a pilot for the Coast Guard (he was in flight school). After MUCH counsel from many different people, he came to the decision that is wasn’t something he loved and needed to go down a different career path. So he is heading back to sector life and that is taking us to Lake Charles, LA.


We have enjoyed our time in Florida so much! I’m really sad to leave the Pensacola area. We made such good friends and had a great church and a great school for Miss J. That’s the bittersweetness of the military life. You meet amazing people and see amazing places that all change your life but then you have to say goodbye. Here is to our next few years in Louisiana!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Congrats! I know it’s a bitter sweet move! I am a Coastie Wife and Mommy to 2 tiny boys!!! My hubby is deployed over to Kuwait right now…I understand the challenging decisions that our husbands face. Good luck to you guys! Love your blog. I follow by email but do not have a blog of my own!

  2. says

    My sister JUST moved there last week, she lives in Sulpher, about 10 miles from Lake Charles, and her hubby is a pilot as well. I’m her over-eager big sis living overseas military but I think she would be up for new friends….she has two girls as well. Just sayin’. :D

    Sincerely, a blog-stalker.
    Erin :)

  3. says

    Good luck on your move to Lake Charles! I am a few hours away, just outside of New Orleans. I hope you are able to find your happy place in LC like you did in Pensacola! It’s so sad to leave a place when you have a support system there.

  4. says

    Blessings for your beautiful family as you head on another journey in your lives. I pray you are blessed with more amazing friendships, and that the transition with schools, church, etc. is a smooth one.

  5. says

    Hi Jessica, I’m a stalker, (oops, I mean occasional dropin via Craftgossip, etc.) and just happened to see your moving post. I live in Sulphur (just west of Lake Charles) and belong to an heirloom stitchers guild locally that I’d like to invite you to visit. We love all kinds of sewing, really. Just email if you have any questions about the area or sewing in general. Best of luck. I love your projects.

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