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I mentioned in a previous post about the contest going on at Sew Mama Sew. I finally finished what I am going to enter. I had seen a picture of some flat shoes with ballerina straps and a flower on the foot and it had stuck with me. I wanted to recreate my own version, so I made a pair of shoes for myself and my daughter with a flower made out of a ribbon. I wanted a “poofy” flower look, like a zinnia, so I came up with this. *****Tutorial at end of this post*****
Our shoes

I used this tutorial from Burda Style (the Dorothy Ballerina Slippers free pattern) to create my shoes. I just added a loop to the inside back to thread the ribbon used to wrap around the ankles.
Laundry time

I used this tutorial from Star Dust Shoes to create my daughters. They are for a smaller size, so I just enlarged it for her.

I also made the headband she’s wearing. I took one of hers that was a color I didn’t like, wrapped it in ribbon, and then glued on a bow. Her dress is from one of her great aunts, and it came from TJ Maxx.
Fixing the headband

For my outfit, the dress is from Old Navy. The earrings are from Forever 21. I made the apron from an old vintage curtain panel and a vintage napkin. To make the tulle underneath, I just sewed and bunched a long strip and pinned it to another skirt I had. I didn’t have time to make another skirt just for the tulle. Plus, I can just take it off and reuse it now.
A kiss
Peek a boo

Zinnia Ribbon Flower Tutorial

-For a child’s shoe flower: 25 inch and 10 inch long piece of ribbon
-For an adult’s shoe flower: 35 inch and 20 inch long piece of ribbon
-Glue ( I used fabric glue)

1. Take one of the ribbons and fold it in half. Then fold that half in half. Fold in half again if possible to cut through all the layers, if not, don’t fold again.
Zinnia Ribbon Flower Tutorial
2. Cut in a half cirle pattern all across one of the long sides.
Zinnia Ribbon Flower Tutorial
3. Starting on a side at the top where you just cut, begin basting the ribbon. Turn once at the bottom and sew straight stitches all the way across. At the end, sew straight up the second side.
Zinnia Ribbon Flower Tutorial
4. Scrunch up the ribbon (by pulling the thread tight) to the desired tension and sew the ends together.
Zinnia Ribbon Flower Tutorial
Zinnia Ribbon Flower Tutorial
5. Do the same for the second piece of ribbon.
6. Glue the smaller one on top of the larger one.
I glued mine straight onto the shoes, but you could glue it onto a clip or tack it on a shoe (or whatever) if possible.

Come give me a hug

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  1. says

    those are very prtty shoes. i loved the way you placed the ribbon and how it contrasts so beautifully with the colour of your flats.

  2. says

    You have such an adorable eye for things, how I’d Loved to have an eyeview angle for that…but have learnt a lot..your daughter is such a cutie, I really love your blog, such an amazing talent!

    Mama from the Philippines!♥

    • says

      Thank you :) You know, I’m not sure why they aren’t showing. Hopefully just a flickr glitch. They should be according to the settings they are on and my account is paid for. But, if you click on where the image should be, it does show up on flickr so that will help :)

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