Where We Stayed


We stayed in a lovely historical inn while in Charlottesville, Va for my cousins wedding.


It was definitely an experience with two young children that’s for sure ;) My sister in law and I went around the morning of the wedding to snap some pics. The above two shots are of the little cottage that the girls and I stayed in. Due to fire rules, we couldn’t stay in the main inn. That worked out fine, because I would have felt bad for everyone else having to here baby crying when waking at night.


It was such a pretty view! This is from in front of the cottage.


Makes me want to live there at some point. Who knows, maybe we will one day? I’m starting to get to the point where I am ready to move about the every 2 year mark now thanks to hubby’s job.


I got my sis-in-law to take a pic of me to prove I was there because I’m in no other photos whatsoever. This is it.


The inn had their own chickens, a little garden, and other things of that nature. I like that.


Some plants were dead,


but some were showing signs of spring coming.


The main inn was beautiful as well.




There, of course, were antiques everywhere.


Oh, and look! There’s baby!


We unfortunately had one incident that morning as well. My sweet little J was outside playing with her cousins. She had her hands in her pockets and decided to crouch down to look at something. She then goes forward, face planting the ground and scraping her chin. My mom was comforting her here. At least nothing else happened.


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  1. says

    An incredible looking place. I can only imagine what it must look like later in spring when everything wears a coat of green! Those buildings are amazing! :)
    Nice to see a photo of you too! ;)

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