Winners & T-Shirts

First, let me congratulate the winners of my birthday giveaway, who were chosen at random. I gave the first chosen their number one pick, the second their number one pick (unless previous person had that one first, then they received their 2nd pick), and so on….

1. Becca B - Wins the #1 Purse
2. Marshan- Wins the #2 Purse
3. Mintage Home- Wins the #4 Neck Warmer
4. Valerie- Wins the #5 Neck Warmer
5. TUTU Monkey- Wins the #3 Neck Warmer

I need everyone to email me except Valerie (I found your email :). The others, I did not find your email info on your blog page or in your comments. I need to contact you all for your address information.

Second, here are a few freezer paper stenciled shirts I have done for Christmas presents.

I Heart ODU - For the College Student

This one is for my brother who is in the processing of obtaining his masters. ODU is the college he is attending. I used the idea from these onesies I made based on Dana’s.

For Dido

This is for my husband’s father, who is my daughter’s “Dido.” It is Ukranian for grandfather. I let my daughter make the handprints on this one and the next two. It was messy, but it’s cute.

For the Dad

We made this one for my husband.

For the Grandpa

And lastly, this one is for my dad, my daughter’s “Papa.” Her grandpa.

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  1. says

    “One can only imagine the weird looks that might arise from little handprints on a women’s chest. Ha!”

    LOL. I so thought about that! I had my husband try his on so I could get an idea of where to have my daughter place her hands, because it would look funny even on man :)

  2. says

    too cute, you are so creative, by the way, our 2 year old calls her Grandpa “PAPA” also. So funny not sure how it even happened none of the other 9 grandkids call him that. : )

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