Winter Hat

On Friday, we began our car trip up north to spend Christmas with friends and family. The ride went really well (I was worried about my daughter, but she did great!). I think doing most of the driving while it was dark helped. We were so excited when we were driving through snow. It just seems much more like Christmas to be in the cold, unlike the warmer conditions in Florida.

The sun was kind of out the first two hours of our trip, so I crocheted this hat for myself.

I used this pattern and this yarn in Fisherman.

Walking Hand in Hand

It only took one skein! I didn’t make the front flap part in the pattern though. If I had wanted that, I would have needed more yarn.

Always Love some Nose Kisses

I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’m not a big hat person, but I needed something to keep my head warm.

I recommend the pattern. It was really easy to do.

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    I CAN NOT believe that the hat you have on and the one in the pattern picture are the same! The pattern picture doesn’t look flattering to me at all but yours is gorgeous! I am for sure going to be making this hat asap. I wish I would have realized how great it looks before Christmas so I could have made one for my nephew. His family goes out hunting every winter and they love ice fishing too.

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    Oh my gosh! I’ve been looking for a pattern like this! Thank you! Several years ago I attempted a similar pattern (with great failure, I might add) but my husband thought it was so comical that he kept it. He found it this past summer and would wear it after cool nights on the boat. All the guys were begging me to make them one too – and I couldn’t find the same pattern. I’ll have to give this one an attempt (hopefully my wrist holds out) and sell it off to the hightest bidder! Now to find some ugly yarn…. :)

    Merry Christmas and I agree – the hat looks great on you!

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    I wish I could crochet… I tried when I was younger & it just didn’t work for me haha. Maybe I’ll have to try again sometime soon. This really only took 2 hours? I could probably handle that. Very cute! And it looks great on you!

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    I was trying to crochet on our drive up north yesterday too! But i was nice and took the first shift…. so I only had about 30 minutes of sunlight! haha Then I realized I could crochet a scarf with a big hook (like an N, I think) and thicker yarn without having light. I actually made decent progress before I had to drive again. haha your hat is beautiful, as are you!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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    That’s a super cute hat! It would be extra cozy if it was lined with fleece too. Maybe not cold enough for that down there, but up here in Feb, the extra layer would be welcome.

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    Love the hat, we traveled south to NC ourselves, and wore our purchased hats like yours only because I couldn’t find a good crochet pattern! I will have to try yours out. Merry Christmas and happy new year to your lovely family, God bless!

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    Your blog is awesome, I just found you through Ruffles & Stuff, I looove your hat, and you are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, I am learning to crochet and will givethis a try, although it looks too good to be rated “beginner”. I also agree that it looks a little dorky in the LB website but yours look beautiful. And only one skein? I’m sold! Quick question: do you just omit the front flap completely or do you have to alter the patter? Sorry, coming from someone who so far has made scarfs and a ponchette…

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    “Quick question: do you just omit the front flap completely or do you have to alter the patter? “

    I just didn’t do the flap. No alterations required. I did do the strings my own way (I made my own length and braided a bunch of pieces together). I also made the pom pom with what little I had left over, which is not in the pattern.

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