A Woodsy Rehearsal Dinner


Now to continue on with posts about my cousins wedding….. These pictures are all from the rehearsal dinner.


Her husbands sisters were the ones who did all the fabulous decorating here (or at least most of it from what I understood).

I love how they used a lot of stuff straight from the outdoors. It created a really lovely atmosphere.
This was the fellowship hall at the church they were married in. It was so nice! Perfect for special events like this.

This was a special display in honor of both of their fathers who are now in Heaven.


The food was really yummy too. A friend of theirs is a chef and put together a wonderful meal for us all.


Everyone had such a good time.


Miss J was obsessed with my cousin :) It’s so cute how little girls can be sometimes about brides. You know what I mean? I can only imagine how special she felt to be a flower girl in her wedding.


Baby let my dad hold her for a little bit.


She was so fussy though the whole trip. I felt so bad putting her through so much traveling and all. It really through her off.


But, it was my sister who really had the touch with her! She got her to sleep at the rehearsal dinner and at the wedding. It was a nice break for my back which was tired from carrying her around so much.


Miss J also decided to dance for everyone! lol. Above, my cousin is cheering her on.


I do admire the fearlessness of this girl. If she wants to do something she does :)


The girl cousins were all in the wedding and got special gifts.


She felt like a princess!


It’s times like this that I really wish I had better equipment to handle the low lighting situations, but that will come in time. In the meantime, I will just maximize my little dslr as far as it will let me go. 

(my brother and his wife)
Thank you to all of my family who helped me with the girls during this event! I really really really really appreciated it!


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  1. says

    It looks like a warm and cozy atmosphere where everyone had a good time. I really like the Natural elements that the decor brought to it all.
    Enjoy your DSLR… if you get more equipment, that is just more you have to lug around with you. (One of my friends is a professional photographer… he has quite a bit of gear!).

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