Fun with DecoArt: Textured Wall Art Tutorial

I have been trying to find my inner artist lately and had this painting thing in mind to try out. A little while ago I was contacted by a sweet lady from DecoArt who introduced me to some of their new products and asked if I would like to try any out. Guess what? Their new line of things was exactly what I needed to make my painting come to life!!!! I got really excited and of course said I would love to try some stuff out. I shared with her my vision and she sent me some wonderful products. I even have a few more things I’m going to make and share with their stuff, but here is the first thing, a graduated color textured wall art piece.

Textured Wall Art Tutorial

Now, I am not a painter, drawer, etc. like some amazing people (ie Ashley) are, but I do like to dabble with that stuff here and there. I find it fun and relaxing. This is really simple to do and would be wonderful to make on a “date night” with one you love, a friend, or your child (one that’s old enough ;).
You can buy their products online here, but I’ve seen all of these in places like Michael’s too. You can check out a whole bunch of other fun tutorials for their products here as well!

What you need:

-Canvas or Wood piece to do the art on
-Paint in whatever colors you choose. I used these by DecoArt’s line Americana

Paint of choice

-DecoArt Texture Thick and or Modeling Paste (I used a bit of each)

Textures used

-Texture Tools (you can buy the plastic pieces or some random things from around the house)

1. Take your canvas, wood, etc. and smear on the texture pastes as you like. I used the groovy ends of my texture tools and just went crazy with it all to have a messy look.

Beautiful textures

With texture on

2. Let it dry completely. This might take a bit.

3. Time to paint! I squirted some paint on like this to begin with:

Beginning the painting

Then I used the flat end of a texture tool to smear it all around. I of course kept adding paint until I was satisfied. I used the tool to smear paint on the sides of the canvas as well. Note: I did try paint brushes, but it didn’t give it enough of the texture look because it filled inbetween the bottom texture layer making flatter.

Texture tool of choice

4. Let it dry. All done :)

Textured Wall Art Tutorial

And this is one art piece that anyone can touch and feel the texture!

Textured Wall Art Tutorial

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  1. MichMade says

    This is just the post that I needed in my life. I bought a canvas for my apartment but wasn’t sure of how I wanted to paint. But now I know!


  2. Anna says

    really cool, this is so modern and fun. I think I know just the spot in my house where it would be cool. Thanks for sharing! I used to really love to paint, but dont’ have enough time now – so this is a great alternative!

  3. sandandstarfish says

    oh my gosh. i have been searching everywhere for instructions on how to make my paintings look like this and was never satisfied with the instructions… until now! this is amazing! and it looks so simple! i know what i’ll be doing this weekend! thank you!

  4. Erin Ferree, elf design says

    You can use an old, used-up gift card (or gym membership card, or expired credit card) as a texturing tool – it’s flexible plastic and can create great drags and texture.

    They’re also great as impromptu spakling tools.

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